5 Best Pool Game activites For Kids

Summer is the best time to enjoy some refreshing swimming pool games. Summer is the time to enjoy some cool and exciting swimming pool games. We have listed down for you some of the most exciting pool games for adults and kids. So, splash the fun in.

  1. The Invisible Bottle

This pool game is for both adults and kids. This is a really exciting and fun splashing game. It can be played by making a few variations accordingly.

How to play:

  • First, fill a clear 2-liter bottle with pool water. Try to use bottle caps, with color that suits the pool tile color.
  • Let the players line up at the deck of the pool with their back facing the pool.
  • Throw the bottle filled with water into the pool.
  • Now with a ‘go' the players should dive into the water and find the bottle. Whoever finds it first wins.
  1. Treasure Hunt

This is probably the no.1 in the swimming pool game for kids.

How to play:

  • First, hide something at the base of the pool.
  • Let the kids in a team or individually find the sunken treasure diving in with their swimming goggles and suits.
  • The one gets the treasure wins the game.
  1. Ping-pong Madness

The fun-filled ping pong game is among the best swimming game for kids of any age.

How to play:

  • Toss the ping pong balls into the pool.
  • Let your kids race around swimming and splashing and capture them all.
  • Whoever collects more balls, wins.
  1. Shark and The Minnow

The exciting swimming pool game for kids with fear, speed, giggles and slash.

How to play:

  • The game goes like, there will be a shark in the middle of the pool. When the game starts with a ‘GO’, kid who is Minnows standing at the deck of the pool, jumps in and tries to get pass the shark without getting tagged by it.
  • With giggles and screams the shark tags each player until one is left.
  1. Floating Golf Greens

This exciting game of water golf is a swimming pool game for kids to enjoy.

How to play:

  • Grab a floating golf ball.
  • Form two teams and chip the ball into the real looking golf greens from the sides of the pool.
The one who sinks the ball with the fewest shot or the team with a score of ten wins the game.