5 Ways to Encourage Kids to Play Outdoor Games

In today’s high—tech modern world, we do not like to play outdoor games or we do not get time to play outdoor games. But we all are aware of too much of screen-time for children. Though we all acknowledge the benefits of technology, but electronic gadgets cannot replace the benefits that a child can receive by playing outdoor games.

Remember that you need to give your kid a balanced play experience. For that you have to encourage your kid to play outdoor games as well. It will give them the chance to rewind from the hustle and bustle of iPad sessions and techy toys.

There are a variety of outdoor activities that your child can play in your backyard. Outdoor activities are the best choice as it helps in developing physical health of a child. With physical health, it also improves mental and cognitive health of a child. Outdoor games also help your kid to develop their social-emotional development.

It develops various motor skills of a child. Apart from all these benefits of outdoor games, it can also provide a wonderful family time as we sometimes overlook this opportunity with our busy life.


If you want to encourage your kid to play outdoor games, here are 5 tips for you:

Play with your child: I know you are a super busy parent who has lots of responsibilities. You are probably thinking, you do not have that much time to play with your kid.

But the good news is you don’t have to play with them every single time. You just need to introduce the game to your child. While you introduce it to them, make sure it is a fun experience for them.

If they have fun, they will play the game on their own from the second time.

A wooden swing set can be an ideal outdoor toy that you can play with your kid. Kids too love to swing. Check out our amazing wooden swing set.


Let them learn it: It is not important that your kid have to everything before they even start the game.

If you are going to tell every rule of how to play a game, it can get boring for them. Instead of telling them everything at once, introduce them slowly with the rules of the game while you play with them.

Through out the playing session, keep telling them one rule at a time. Explain them every rule. Give them short and clear instruction of how to play the game. This way you will help your kid to acquire knowledge about the game in a clear manner. Playing with a trampoline is real fun. Little Tikes safe trampolines for kids.


Let them choose the game: It is very tempting to choose a game. Maybe you have selected such as game that your kid is not will to play with.

You might have chosen a game that you thought would be interesting but it might not interest them.

So, it is always advisable to let your kid choose their games. Create a positive environment for them while they choose their games.

All kids love to play with bikes. Bikes for kids are not just toys, they will always be their memory. Colorland Toys have a wide range of bikes for all ages kids.


Play games that are interactive: There are some outdoor activities where your child can easily loose their interest. In this case, you have to choose such a game which would be interactive as well. Interactive games will increase their focus on the game and it will also keep them engaged.

Also, choose such a game while will keep them physically active. So, while they will be playing their physical, mental and cognitive growth will simultaneously take place.

Outdoor Pools are really a fun and exciting way to motivate your child to spend time outdoors.


Keep things exciting: Incorporate as much as physical activity as you can in your game. If your kid remains physically active, they will be excited to lay the game.

If the game you have chosen involves too much of sitting at one place, then your kid will easily lose interest in them.

Try to involve them in such a game which have at least some amounts of physical activity.

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