8 must haves in your mum bag when stepping out with a baby

It's an unwritten rule it seems that when you become a mother, you officially become the 'packing expert' of the family. A mother’s bag is like a magic hat, you can find everything inside that you wish. If you are a new mother then you may need some guidelines on how to get started. Here are 8 must-haves in your Mum bag listed below.

Kids are really unpredictable. Just when you think your child is full, that minute they’ll want a snack. So, always keep a snack like biscuits or chocolates inside your bag. It’s really important. Not only will this ensure that you are prepared for any mid-day hunger tantrums, when you are travelling with your kid.

Wet Wipes
Tissues and wipes are very important for a mother to carry for her child. It helps in cleaning the face and hands of the child after they finish their snacks. The child can also get their hand dirty in sand or mud. So, the tissues will also help the clean the hands of the child. But do not compromise on the quality of the issue and always use good quality wipes or tissues.

Sanitizer is another must have in a mother’s bag for the safety of the child. A small sanitizer is very important for hygiene not only for kids but for everybody. You can never predict when your kids will get their hands dirty and you need to sanitize their hands. You also need to sanitize the area before you lay your child, say for example to change their diaper or change their cloths.

Extra Cloths
The mother should always carry an extra pair of clothes in her bag. It can happen sometimes that the kid will drop food or water on them. So, then you will have to change their cloths. It is always safe to keep another pair or two of cloths inside your bag. If you are travelling for a whole day then its best to carry a blanket or any kind of wrap as well.

You will never know when your kid is going to feel sick or when they get a scratch or scrape. So, a mother needs to keep the basic medicines with her at all times. These medicines are a lifesaver when travelling with a child and reduce unwanted stress from the experience. A child needs proper medication to feel better from their sickness. These medicines will help them to feel better.

Using too much of sanitizer will roughen up our hands. So, we need the lotion to keep them moisturized. It can also be used to tame the flyaway hair of your child. It can also be used for soothing chapped noses or cheeks and getting rid of static. A lotion will serve many purposes. You can also use it on the lips of your baby and it will serve the purposes of the lip balm.

You may be outside for quite a while and need to keep the child entertained. By having a few simple toys or books (depending on the child's age) on hand you can keep them engaged easily. This will help you avoid sudden temper tantrums because they are bored or help distract them as well.

It is always advisable to carry some filtered water to help keep the child hydrated at all times. Carrying a Sippy cup or some sort of bottle which can be held easily is great as you may not have a lot resources on the go.