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The popularity and variety of Legos know no limits. Lego Toys, the basic block of plastic has turned into a Pandora's box of endless possibilities. We at Colorland Toys, UAE have a massive Lego collection to behold. It's no longer just a toy; it's become a symbol of cultural identity. These blocks have also been used to make animated films. But no one could have predicted how massive it would become in the beginning. In reality, the business was barely profitable when it came to selling the blocks. The toy was not well received by children when it first came out. But, of course, things have changed dramatically since then.

The organization is proud of its quality and recognizes the value of creativity, which has propelled it to such a high level. Children are their role models, according to their brand structure. They want to be a global leader in the implementation and innovation of learning through play. Through their production, they hope to inspire and amplify children's imaginative thinking. In their goods, they value imagination, creativity, fun, learning, care, and quality. They are aware of the effect their goods have on children and are committed to providing a positive experience. Their main goal of Lego Kits in Lego stores in Dubai is for the toys to provide a system-in-play so that children can continue to learn even though they are not in an educational setting. It is the all-in-one analytical yet fun toys for kids in Dubai and across the globe.

How Did Lego Kick Start?

The Kirk Kristiansen family founded the company in 1932, and they still own it today. That year, Ole Kirk Kristiansen created his first wooden toy. He persisted in innovating and maintaining against all odds until he was successful. The name "LEGO" is derived from the Danish words "leg godt," which means "play well." It's their tag, and it's what they aspire to be. "Only the best is good enough," the Lego Group's new slogan, was established in 1936. Kristiansen coined this phrase to encourage his workers to never compromise on efficiency, a characteristic he held near and dear.

Since its inception nearly 85 years ago, the company has grown from modest beginnings in a small carpenter's workshop to become a multinational corporation that is now one of the world's largest toy manufacturers. Their most well-known product is the Lego block. Colorland Toys UAE has the OG Lego blocks in stock as they feel that the original has a better impact than the variants that are promoted over time. While the items have improved significantly over time, the Lego brick remains the cornerstone. In its current shape, the brick was introduced in 1958. It's one-of-a-kind due to the interlocking concept with the tubes, which allows for endless construction possibilities. It's simply a matter of engaging the imagination and allowing a plethora of new ideas to emerge as a result of play.

What Are The Available Lego Variants ?

Since the 1970s, the Lego group has published a variety of themes, such as space, robots, pirates, trains, vikings, castles, dinosaurs, undersea exploration, and the wild west. The classic Lego City - a line introduced in 1973 that represents city life - and Lego Technic - a line introduced in 1977 that aims to emulate complex machinery - are two themes that have endured.

Over the years, Lego has licenced characters from a variety of cartoon and film franchises, as well as video games, including Batman, Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Minecraft, Mario, Avengers, and even Lego Disney. In 1999, Lego introduced the 'Mindstorms' line of robotics toys, which it has continued to extend and develop since then. The product was inspired by a programmable brick built at the MIT Media Lab. Seymour Papert, a computer scientist, and educator who also founded the educational theory of constructionism and whose study was supported by the Lego Community came up with the term. These are hands down the best toys for kids in Dubai to build their primary educational foundation on

Are Lego Toys Educational for your Kids?

Lego toys are not only fun to play with, but they are also educational. In May 2011, the Space Shuttle Endeavour flight STS-134 delivered 13 Lego kits to the International Space Station as part of the 'Lego Bricks in Space' initiative. Models were designed by the astronauts to see how they will react in microgravity. Lego bricks can also be used to build stunning installations. A 1:1 model of an X-wing fighter was built with over 5 million LEGO bricks and displayed in New York City in May 2013. A 34-meter (112-foot) tower and a 4-kilometer (2.5-mile) railway are among the other world records. Lego dethroned Ferrari as the 'world's most strong brand' in February 2015. Colorland Toys headquarter in Al Ain also has an amazing recreational Lego model buildup set for Burj Khalifa and even a set of Lego Dubai. They even have a name for it; it's called Lego UAE! How amazing is that?!. Lego was and still is, a brand that never compromised on consistency or creativity.

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