Starting nursery school is a new and exciting time for your child. But it is also the end of an era. This is a time of huge change for both of you and your baby. Until this time you may have spent almost all waking moment by your child’s side. The thought of waving them off into a room of strangers is bound to make you feel a little bit nervous. Starting nursery school stirs up a whirlwind of emotions inside the child. So, we have put together some tips that can help you when your little one is starting nursery school.

You need to make a list of the nursery schools in your area

If you are choosing from a list of potential nursery schools then you need to do some initial groundwork by going along to their tours. You also need to ask plenty of questions. Try to find the right school according to your child’s character. Don’t be shy to ask as many questions as you can. Because you need to get a clear picture of the school where you are about the send your little baby.

You need to know the teachers and staff

Once you’ve chosen the nursery school, schedule a visit to that nursery school. There you will get the chance to meet the nursery teacher and staff who will be looking after your child. So, make the most of this opportunity to get familiar with them as well. Tell them everything about your child like their favourite song, food they like, etc. so they are prepared to handle them better. The more they know about your child, the better they can meet your child’s needs.

Share photos of the nursery schools with your child

Before the big first day, show your child photos of the nursery school. The child will get a sense of familiarity and will likely feel more relaxed on their first day. The child will also see photographs of children playing in the nursery which will motive them and will give them confidence in many ways. In the pictures they will see toys that they will look forward to have fun with. Showing pictures also helps your child feel more familiar with the nursery school.

Accompany your child on their introduction day at the nursery school

Most nurseries have an introduction day where the children come and meet the teachers and their other classmates. Some other nurseries, offer settling in sessions. The first session will be one where the parents can stay too. Then there will be another session, where the parents will be asked to leave their child for a short amount of time. These can help both you and your child get used to the surroundings and the teachers of the nursery school.

Arrange playdates with children from your child’s class before their first day

Sometimes it is a possible thing to ask for a list of the parents and children who will be in your baby’s class. Or else you may know some children who goes to the same nursery school already. With both the ways you will be able to arrange a play date or meet up before your toddler’s first day at the school. If you can arrange a meet up with at least one child before school starts, then your baby will feel happier when they walk into nursery on their first day and sees a familiar face.