It’s a Hot Wheels Jumpstart Experience

Give them high-speed, exciting and fun activities when you give them hot wheels cars, tracks and play sets! Many are SO and can link to other Hot Wheels tracks for longer laps, harder stunts and harsher animals and obstacles. Below are 5 toys from Hot Wheels that we collected to start your game and send to the fast lane. Check it out, choose a few and then do a winning lap!

Hot Wheels City Robo Shark Frenzy Playset

Escape the attack of sharks and continue with cruisins! With a stunt in its jaws, the Hot Wheels City Robo Shark Frenzy is putting his Hot Wheels automobiles on the road! First, set your vehicles on the cool water bowl of Hot Wheels Color Shifter, raise the handle and load it in a launcher in the shell. Now press the handle and hope that they can safely cross the loop! You could only stick the landing with enough force. Not enough and they're going to land in their shark's belly, their jaws shut off and inside warm water changes the colour of the Hot Wheels Color Shifter vehicle!


Hot Wheels Toxic Snake Strike Challenge Playset

A big cobra stands in the way and it needs to be done! The Hot Wheels Toxic Snake Strike set offers racers who drive up and down their mouths against a gigantic snake! They're going to hit the cobra's eggs or the meltdown button with enough strength to overthrow and bring down the serpent. Uh oh... this snake has a scale trick up! Slime drips from his fangs, which can slow down cars when they try to remove it. But that will not suffice for your small speedsters, we know! Take this cobra and continue on, too many fantastic routes are to be explored!

Hot Wheels City Ultimate Garage

They need a place to store all of their wonderful Hot Wheels vehicles now that they have them. Place all of their Hot Wheels vehicles inside the Hot Wheels City Robo T-Rex Ultimate Garage and race them down a spiralling track, leaping over jumps, and avoiding a ravenous T-Rex attempting to snare them before they reach the bottom! Fill up at the bottom of the playset's gas station, then visit the shop for repairs before taking the elevator to the top and doing it again! Inside the garage, they can store over 100 cars and attach even more Hot Wheels playsets to several connection ports.


Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Stunt Tire Playset

The Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Stunt Tire playset resembles a giant monster truck tyre with a handle for on-the-go play when closed. Open it up and you'll discover a fantastic arena for their Hot Wheels monster trucks! Place a truck in the starting position, slam the launcher down, and watch it fly up a ramp, through a ring of fire, and into the winner's circle. So, how did they fare? Check out the scoreboard, which will rank their performance using three distinct emojis (hint: it's not chocolate ice cream). Do you want to spice things up a little? They may stack and smash through two smashed vehicles that come with the Stunt Tire playset!

Hot Wheels Mario Kart Piranha Plant Slide Track Set

With a circuit straight out of the Mushroom Kingdom, the Hot Wheels Mario Kart Circuit Track Set offers all the excitement they've had with the immensely popular video game series right to their living room! Fill the launchers with Mario and Yoshi Hot Wheels karts, put on the boosters, and watch them fly! To determine who is in the lead, they will race through an inverted turn, spin coins, and employ lap-counting flags. Do you require a slight advantage? Toss a green turtle shell at a player to knock them off the course. While one player frantically tries to get their kart back on the circuit, the other can cruise to victory!