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The sun is shining, and it's time to have some fun! Put on your best swimsuit and shades because these inventive pool games and gadgets will keep you occupied all summer. Nothing beats a soothing swim in the pool – whether you're floating or swimming, a pool offers limitless opportunities for outdoor fun. Make Summers in Dubai fun and enjoyable with these mini tips and tricks.

Colorland Toys UAE has an amazing pool collection especially Bestway Pools and Intex pools which can give you summer chills. These super friendly pools for kids are top notch for the hot days. Dive right in and make the best of it with these super quirky ideas.

How about a Wishing Well is a group pool game?

All you need is a few pennies to play this Wishing Well game. A supervising adult throws coins to the bottom of the pool while the players line up at the pool's edge. Players can try to reach the money before they drift to the bottom, or they can retrieve them and compete to see who can find the most. You'd be shocked how often children request to play this game! To add to the enjoyment, Wishing Well works best with a variety of coin sizes (one dirham, 50 fils, and 25 fils ). Plus, they get to retain their treasures at the end, which they can put in their piggy banks.

The Wildwadi Pool Effect with Bestway H2OGO Splashy Speedway Slide

The H2OGO! Splashy Speedway Slide is the ideal way to get your kids out of the house and into the sunshine! This slide is 4.88 metres long, providing plenty of space pool for kids to splash and slide. It was also designed with many lanes for racing and playing together. Two children can slide simultaneously, creating a lively competition that will keep them active and entertained for hours. In addition, the included ring toss game allows children to engage in more imaginative and exciting play. The race is won by the first person to link their tire rings! They'll have joy tossing the rings and sliding down the tracks because there are so many ways to play. All you have to do to put up the H2OGO! Splashy Speedway Slides is plugged up a garden hose, fill the water base for stability, and you're good to go!

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Pool Hair Salon is a lot of fun for all ages.

In the pool hair salon, there is no such thing as a terrible hairdo! While your hair is still damp, see how many unique hairstyles you can create on top of your head: Make an ice cream cone on top of your head, a wet shawarma smooth it back, or come up with your own styles. Add a running hose to the pool for more fun, and pretend to "wash out" the hairstyle each time you create a new one. What’s more, you can even do crazy photoshoots. Hey, do you want you could use an amazing prop! It’s these super stylish and amazing pool floats by Bestway Dubai.

Toy Pool Party is a lot of fun for just one person.

It's not necessary to have live people for a pool party! Your kids can pretend to have pool parties with their favorite toys. Arrange some waterproof favorite’s on the pool's edge and pretend to be hosting an afternoon swim party. You can even serve themed goodies to your fictitious guests. Make the best pool choice with Bestway’s outdoor swimming pools are only at Colorland Toys Dubai, UAE.

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