Bicycles are a fun way for kids to travel and get some fresh air. However, when sharing the road with motorists, bicycles can cause dangerous accidents and injuries. Teach your children basic bicycle safety as they become more comfortable with their new wheels. Adult bicycle safety habits are formed at a young age, so share these tips with your children on your next family ride.

Find the best fit

Helmets and bicycles come in various sizes. If your children's protective gear and bicycle fit them, their next bike ride will be safer and more comfortable.

Cycling helmet

Measure your child's head all the way around before purchasing a helmet. Try on the fit that is closest to their head size. Because many bike helmets use metric measurements, take measurements in centimetres and inches.

Bicycle frame

The best bike frame for your child is determined by their height. A good fit will allow your children to sit in the seat with both feet on the ground. When looking for a new bike, make sure the seat is set to the lowest setting. You can raise the seat as they grow until they outgrow the bike entirely.

Be visible

Even experienced cyclists can be involved in traffic accidents. If you and your children ride near vehicles, teach them to wear bright clothing and attach reflectors to their bikes to stay visible to drivers. Show them how to look both ways even when no cars are present, and discourage them from riding after dusk.

Before you leave, double-check your bike

Teach your children to inspect their bikes before going out. Check that the chain is in good shape and tight, that the seat is secure, and that the tyres have enough air. Teach them basic bike maintenance, such as how to pump the tyres and adjust the seat. If something doesn't feel right on their bike, they should learn to stop before they get too far away.

Bike safety tips for children under the age of 7

Riding alongside your young bicyclists will keep them safe. Keep a close eye on them and ride in well-lit areas such as your neighbourhood, parks, or paved paths. Avoid areas where using a bike lane or riding on the street is required. Children under the age of seven may be too small for drivers to see if they ride their bikes alone.

When riding with your children, encourage them to develop lifelong biking habits. Demonstrate how to look both ways before crossing a street, driveway, alleyway, or any other location where cars may be present. Teach them how to obey traffic signals and signs, as well as how to ride on the right side of the road.

Bike safety tips for children aged 8 to 13

Your children will want to go on their own rides as they get older. Send them off with older siblings or friends, and restrict their rides to nearby areas such as parks and your own neighbourhood.

If they live near their school, they can ride their bikes to and from school as long as they wear a bike helmet, bright clothing, and sport reflectors on their bikes to make themselves visible to vehicles. Allow them to choose their own bright or reflective clothing to make bike safety fun.

Consider purchasing a smartwatch for them or adding a GPS tracker to their backpack or bike. These devices can help you stay in touch with them while they are free. And if they get lost, injured, or have mechanical problems with their bike, you can contact them.

Bike safety tips for children aged 14 to 18

When your children reach the age of adolescence, they should be able to ride alone or supervise their younger siblings on rides together. They can ride their bikes to school or a summer job by the time they reach adolescence.

Even the most cautious children are vulnerable to accidents or injuries, so set limits for where they can and cannot go. For example, instruct them to ride within a 10-mile radius or only at certain times. Teens, like adults, must follow basic bike safety rules such as wearing a bicycle helmet, using reflectors and lights, wearing bright colours, and obeying traffic laws.

For longer rides, make sure they understand how to use the bike lane and when to cross busy crosswalks. Remind them that if they don't feel safe riding through a busy intersection, they can get off their bikes and walk across the street.

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