LEGO Duplo Modular Playhouse

It's time for toddlers to have some LEGO Duplo Modular Playhouse Building Set

We all know the advantages of building sets for children: early STEM skills, hand-eye coordination, fine and gross motor abilities, spatial awareness, problem-solving, open-ended play, and creativity, to name a few. But this set has a lot of extra features, the most notable of which is that it's actually two playsets in one.

First, the residential structure can be constructed by small builders. It has five rooms: a living area, a kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom, and a playroom, according to the attached instruction booklet. However, with LEGO sets, children are only limited by their imaginations, so they may utilize the huge assortment of included components to create whatever scenario they desire. The accessories are all based on real-life situations, such as cooking, mealtime, and bedtime rituals, allowing children to engage in some role play using stuff they are already familiar with.

How is LEGO Duplo Modular Playhouse Being The New Face?

The decor elements are also very fashionable, which parents will like. Kids will create a modern home that appears like it was inspired by any of those HGTV shows we've been binge-watching for years, from the fabric patterns to the accessories and furniture pieces themselves. The white and bright pastel color scheme of the set gives the house a modern appearance.

If the youngsters choose to build a different kind of house — not all of our houses are the same — they can turn it into a tower house in any way they want. Because the provided instructions are just pictures, like they are on other LEGO sets, it's simple for youngsters (and adults who help them) to construct and rebuild this set repetitively.

What Does The LEGO Duplo Modular Playhouse Include?

Aside from the decorations, the house has a family of figurines, including a mother, father, and child, as well as a pet dog. The figures depict a multicultural family, adding a splash of variety and inclusivity to children's playtime. They are also clothed in modern attire in attractive hues, just like their home is furnished (I mean, look at the envious hair swoop on the dad figure!). These figures, when combined with all of the accessories, assist to interest children in hours of imaginative play beyond the build.

As if that isn't enough, the LEGO Duplo Modular house is the ideal size for a large group of kids to play and imagine with. Older kids can even help with building or the transition from home to tower house, which opens up opportunities for socializing and creative play. The LEGO Duplo Modular Playhouse will become their new favorite place to play, regardless of how they construct it.

Where Can I Get The LEGO Duplo Modular Playhouse?

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