Barbie in treating patients

Add the Barbie Fast Cast Clinic Playset to your Christmas purchasing list if "doctor" is on your children's list of things they want to be when they grow up.

Barbie's pint-sized patients may be treated in the Fast Cast Clinic with this fantastic playhouse, which includes an exam table, X-ray machine, and medical station. If any of your friends are visiting for medical reasons, they are welcome to visit the gift shop as well!.

The set includes around 30 accessories, including a balloon and teddy bear, as well as a face mask and crutches. The playhouse comes with a full-sized Barbie doll, but youngsters may also use dolls or other toys as patients.

Barbie can treat anybody she wants with the greatest medical care possible since she can construct her own arm and leg casts using the accompanying moulds and dough!.

The set is also versatile enough that children can role play alone or with others. Adults may also like the fact that Barbie is not always promoted as a doctor in this set; she may be a nurse or a medical student, allowing children to choose her career. Because of the open-ended play pattern, one reviewer believes that this set might even be utilised as a vet clinic for animal lovers!.

Because the set is made up of independent, free-floating pieces, youngsters may design their own clinic and determine where everything goes. Barbie may only require the X-Ray Machine because she is an X-Ray technician. The parts can be organised and laid out in any way that the children see fit. This element of adaptability encourages more innovative play.

This kit is especially ideal for children who are apprehensive about receiving medical treatment. Adults can give children a preview of impending appointments, putting them at ease. Older children will appreciate the medical play and will be inspired to consider all elements of patient care in order to pursue their future career ambitions!While there are many small components, adults can put the majority of the accessories in the medical station's cabinet. Plus, if you run out of dough, it's simple to replace!.

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