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Kids Toys Blog - Parenting Blog - Colorland Toys Online UAE

  1. Some Important Bicycle Safety Tips that Your Kids Must Know

    Bicycles are a fun way for kids to travel and get some fresh air. However, when sharing the road with motorists, bicycles can cause dangerous accidents and injuries. Teach your children basic bicycle safety as they become more comfortable with their new wheels. Adult bicycle safety habits are formed at a young age, so share these tips with your children on your next family ride.

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  2. A Comprehensive Safety Checklist for Kids’ Ride-On Cars

    Children adore ride-on cars. These cars provide hours of driving excitement and adventures both indoors and outdoors! This must-read safety tips guide will teach you how to protect your children as they ride their new favourite toy.

    Checklist for Electric Ride-On Toy Safety

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  3. 8 Significant Benefits of Puzzles for Early Childhood Development

    Puzzles are a popular and difficult activity for both young children and adults. Puzzles allow people of all ages to work toward a common goal while literally piecing together a story or narrative. Large-piece puzzles are popular among small children due

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  4. The industry of toys & how different brands have their unique products

    The industry of toy manufacturing is huge and growing on a daily bias and concentrating on adjusting to the changing marketplace marked by a significant movement towards cutting-edge and high-tech electronic toys. Additionally, because of the booming e-commerce industry brought on by fast urbanization, increased internet usage, and an increase in smartphone sales, the major firms are turning to online distribution networks to grow their market share.
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  5. Useful Tips for Buying the Perfect Wooden Playhouse for Your Child

    An outdoor playhouse is a great way to encourage your children to spend less time with their gadgets and more time with their friends and siblings.  It is also an opportunity for parents to spend time with their children, helping them in planning and decorating their wooden playhouses, playing together, bonding, and creating the happiest lifetime memories.
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