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Nowadays kids spent seven hours in average in front of their electronics, such as phones, tablets, laptops and televisions. We now cannot deny what the statistics say. Today kids don’t want to play outside. Because they are too busy in playing with their electronic gadgets. But this habit has a lot of bad consequences on their health and on their overall well being.

If you are a parent, then you must be too concerned about your child’s overall wellbeing. You probably want your kid to play outside for their overall improvement. You must badly want your kid to have less ‘screen time’ and more ‘fun time’ outside your house.

If your kid does not want to play outside at all, then it will impact their mental health as well. Some parents are also sure that their kids are not moving enough throughout the day which will create an impact on their physical health.

But all parents want their kid to be physically healthy. But some parents do not recognise what are the benefits of moving their body while playing. So, we are here to tell you what are the physical benefits your kids will get from moving their body while playing outdoor games.

Encouraging your children to play outside is important. It will keep them away from their devices for a fair amount of time. With physical improvement, your kid’s mental, intellectual, emotional and social skills will be developed as well.

Both in early childhood and in late childhood, playing outside has an extensive impact on your child’s overall being. Playing outdoor directly impacts your child’s ability to fight illness and body weight.

So, please encourage your kid to play outside to give them a healthy attitude towards life and have them a positive attitude towards life.


It improves their motor skills:

Those kids who like to play outside have an advanced motor skill than those children who like to play inside. The kids who play outdoors have better coordination, balance and agility. Kids who play outside moves their body in which their muscles are being challenged. It gives their bones physical endurance. When a kid plays outside, they have a space to run, jump and swing. They can also climb on trees and can ride their bikes.

When you allow your children to play outside, they get a chance to become more confident about the abilities of their own body. Playing outdoor also gives them the chance to practice skills such as batting, kicking and catching.


It improves their lower body mass index:

Studies have found out that one in three kids could fall under the obesity classification. The study has also found that people are eating more and spending less time being active.

Kids who love to play outside are less likely to fall into this obese category. These kids are too much energetic. They do not like to spend their time in front of the screen and they like to run, climb and jump. These activities burn many calories.

A study has also shown the direct correlation between body mass index and the amount of time children play outside. The longer a child will play outside, the lower their BMI will be.


It improves overall health: If you limit your child’s time playing outside then they will become more prone to obesity. This will have a long-term effect on their overall health. If your kid gets obese then they can suffer from many diseases such as cardiovascular, asthma, diabetes and sleep apnea. Kids' exposure to sunlight also improves their mood and immune system. Playing outdoor also helps kids with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) as it is giving them an outlet to play.