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Baby Potty Toilet Bowl

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AED 135.00

Jett is friendly to everyone at the World Airport. He likes to fly around the world, Helps the children to deliver packages, And plays with the children. Whwnever there is a difficulty, He would call his best friend, Super Wings, to help. He is also named "The busiest super wing".

Color : Red

Brand :

Recommended for‎ : Suitable to 12 months and above


  • Head Cover - After cleaning and airing of the toilet, cover the head cover to avoid the dust accumulation on the toilet and for the next use of the babies.
  • 5.5cm Back Design - The ergonomic design with the proper back height and comfortable angle provide approriate lateral force support for the babies in case of falling back when they are using the toilet.
  • Non-Slip Rubber Mat - stable and not easy to slide; it is suitable to many kinds of floors. It can prevent the babies from rolling over or side slipping injuries caused by play.
  • Hand Design - cleaning withouit ditying hands.
  • Slip Type Toilet - easy to disassemble and clean
  • Spill Resistance Design - prevents the urine spillage


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Recommended Suitable to 12 months and above
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