The industry of toy manufacturing is huge and growing on a daily bias and concentrating on adjusting to the changing marketplace marked by a significant movement towards cutting-edge and high-tech electronic toys. Additionally, because of the booming e-commerce industry brought on by fast urbanization, increased internet usage, and an increase in smartphone sales, the major firms are turning to online distribution networks to grow their market share.

There are three significant brands that are put out by Colorland Toys for different and high-end quality products for outdoor toys. The quality of these products cannot be compromised as they have their own safety measures to followed, as they are dealt by kids for their most memorable. The brands that we focus on are Kidkraft, Little Tikes and Backyard Discovery. These brands manufacture wide range of toys that are built for creating the best memories for kids.

Let's take a look into each of these brands and different products under them.


KidKraft has been creating toys and furniture for almost 50 years with the goal of enhancing childhood by providing areas for children to live, study, play, and explore. Their assortment of dollhouses, pretend kitchens, trains, swing sets, and outdoor and indoor furniture regularly receives honors and commendations from professionals in the field. Kids all across the world grin endlessly thanks to KidKraft products, which are offered in more over 90 nations. Our products value traditional imaginative play with gestures toward technology to welcome a well-rounded, modern child's needs and wishes. They are thoughtfully developed to suit all families, houses, and backyards.

Here are few of Kidkraft products:

KidKraft Outdoor Patio

When the weather is nice, their KidKraft Outdoor Patio Unit is ideal for having a picnic, playing games, or just relaxing. In addition to providing shady reprieve from the summer sun, the cushioned benches are the ideal size for children. The set will look great for many years because it is made of wood that resists the elements and has a lovely stained finish.

  • retractable umbrella
  • two benches and a sturdy table
  • Panels that have already been installed speed up assembly
  • It was made with developing youngsters in mind.
  • When not in use, keep outdoor furniture covered, and stain or paint it as needed to maintain it looking its best.
  • packaging that includes comprehensive, step-by-step assembly instructions

KidKraft's Cabana Sandbox

Kids can embark on a variety of delightful adventures in KidKraft's Cabana Sandbox without ever leaving the backyard. The roll-up covering with netting windows is ideal for shielding children from the weather while also providing them with a fun little cabana of their very own. Three storage bins are included with the main construction, which is constructed of weather-resistant exterior wood. The cabana cover rolls up and is made of durable canvas.

  • mesh roll-up canopy with windows
  • 3 practical storage containers
  • Sandbox comes with a mesh cover.
  • consists of a plastic liner that is buried beneath the sand.
  • wood that is resistant to the elements
  • accompanied by comprehensive, step-by-step assembly instructions

 Little Tikes

Little Tikes is aware that each day is an exploration with new things to learn. We produce things that promote imaginative and active play. Products that encourage children to move encourage wonder, curiosity, and huge dreams in young people. We have 48 years' experience, so we know how to do it well! The Little TikesTM Company was established in 1969, and its main office is still located in Hudson, OH.

Come on leys take a look at their products.

Little Tikes Mega

Little Tikes Mega is perfect for kids since it allows them to leap, bounce, and fly which 15- foot. All ages of children can benefit from the fantastic exercise and gross motor skill development that trampolining provides. A fully contained safety net, additional buckles and a heavy-duty zipper for greater stability with in net, and greater foam protecting the posts are just a few of the many built-in safety measures of the trampoline. The Little Tikes Mega 15-Foot Trampoline let's you play big.

The Little Tikes Castle

A playhouse in the garden with a mediaeval theme! the castle is ideal for regular play and inventive games involving princesses, knights, and pirates. The sturdy surfaces are slick to the feel and weatherproof. Children are kept active by a sliding board, tower, windows, and a functional door.

Backyard Discovery

Backyard Discovery has been manufacturing the best-quality wooden swing sets, playhouses, and backyard recreation products for the home for more than 30 years. Our innovative and knowledgeable team is committed to bringing our passion of great family times to your backyard. In addition to being seasoned artisans with a long history of creating excellent items for millions of customers, we are regular parents just like you. We make an effort to take them outside (just as we did) so they can exercise both their bodies and minds.

The Skyfort II

The Skyfort II can enhance both your scenery and your children's imaginations. This tall play set will feel as their own wood castle with the elevated clubhouse, spacious porch, and crow's nest equipped with its own telescope. A whole stretch of monkey bars slings them directly into the elevated clubhouse, a difficult rock wall enables them to ascend straight onto the porch, while a 10-foot speed slides slithers you right back down. There are also many other exciting, safe methods to move about this private palace.

The Oakmont

The Oakmont has a number of extremely cool features that not only make it excellent on smaller yards but also keep the children playing all day. In order to create a nice clubhouse-like area on top, the raised fort features the front walls with white trim around the windows and a colourful awning. Another fort with a front wall, windows, and actual door is located below. Additionally, there is a built-in bench outside the side snack window. The youngsters ascend to the higher fort using a flat step ladder, and our 8-foot-long speed slide whisks them away.

The Oakmont is entirely composed of cedar. Your wood is less likely to show tiny cracks originating from knots if the knot structure is small and tight. Our sturdy cedar wood was tested in a lab and found to be highly resistant to both rot and natural decay. To speed up construction, all lumber is cut and tagged with the swing sets parts number and pre-stained for a smooth, clear appearance. Drilling a few pilot holes can be necessary.

Simple Assembly - Assisted by the interactive, step-by-step BILT® software

Upper clubhouse with a 4-foot-high deck

Lower Clubhouse with a door, a bench, and a snack bar.

2 belt swing and an 8-foot trapeze bar. rapid-fire slide

Ladder with flat steps for upper clubhouse

Stain tones can change.