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Keel Toys Keeleco Snakes Plush Asst 100cm

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AED 49.00

Product Description

Each toy is manufactured from 100% recycled filling and outer fabric with embroidered eyes and features. Recycled beans give that lovely weight to each toy

Color : Multi Color

Brand : Keel Toys

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Product Description

Keel Toys are recognised around the world by the iconic red disc in the ear of each toy, their seal of quality and value. As the first step of their new sustainability initative, they are delighted to announce all factory shipments now carry a new Keel Toy icon formed from FSC cardboard, saving plastic on the millions of toys they sell each year. When you first pick up and snuggle into a Keeleco nursery soft toy the first thing you will notice is how soft the fabric is! It is quite amazing that it started out as waste plastic and transformed into a super cute and super soft toy. The nursery collection consists of Cozy Koala, Huggy Giraffe, Cuddle Zebra and Lullaby Lamb. Each is available in two sizes of toy, comforter, stick rattle and ring rattle. Cozy Koala is also available as a musical version. Each toy is manufactured from 100% recycled filling and outer fabric with embroidered eyes and features. Recycled beans give that lovely weight to each toy. The ring rattle features a FSC wooden ring to build on our sustainable approach to toys. The range is offered with an FSDU unit to present Keeleco Nursery simply, with impact to boost sales within a compact space. CDU options are available for the comforters, ring and stick rattles. How is the Keel Eco range made? STAGE 1: Single use plastics and bottles have become one of the hot topics over the last few years resulting in the increased use of recycled polyester. Recycled polyester, also known as rPET, is obtained by first collecting bottles and other plastic waste and cleaning them. STAGE 2: The cleaned bottles are then shredded. STAGE 3: The shredded bottles are then crushed and formed into pellets. STAGE 4: The pellets are then crushed and melted to create the yarn. STAGE 5: The yarn is then spun to create the thread. The thread is then woven to create the base fabric. Nursery soft toys from the heart that do not cost the Earth

Product Features

  • This item is ASSORTED, you will only received ONE snake. These are picked and sent at rand
  • Keeleco is the 100 percent RECYCLED range from Keel Toys. 100 percent RECYCLED MATERIAL AND FILLING.. ECO-FRIENDLY - these toys are produced and stuffed with 100 percent recycled plastic waste.
  • HUGGABLE - Weighted with recycled glass beans, these floppy toys have been perfectly designed for hugging by a loving new friend.
  • The Keeleco process gives plastic a second life and uses 59 percent less energy to produce than virgin polyester.


Product SpecificationsThis toy is not suitable for ages under 3 years: It contains one or more of the following items marbles; small ball; or small parts.
Recommended Age: Suitable for 3 years & Up

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