pretend play for kids

Pretend play for kids, also known as make-believe play, role-playing, and fantasy play occurs when a child pretends to be someone else or imagines an object to be someone else for the purpose of amusement and entertainment like for instance kitchen toys for girls or even a kids doctor set. Pretend play for kids occurs when your child imitates your acts, converses with an imaginary friend, or pretends to make phone calls with the television remote.

An increasing body of evidence suggests that it is critical for children's cognitive development between the ages of two and seven. In a world of iPads, iPhones, and MacBooks and Kids Laptop Toys. However, there is a real risk that parents will ignore pretend play in favor of either of those electronic gadgets. We at Colorland feel that pretend play for kids could bring in a healthy insight into emotional thinking.

The dangers of exposing a child to too much technology have been well-documented (there are many good reasons why Steve Jobs and many other leaders of technology firms strictly limit the amount of time their children spend in front of a screen). Instead, we'll give you the top four reasons why you should let your child indulge in pretend play.

You should help your child improve his or her social and emotional skills.

pretend play toys for kids

If she's throwing elaborate tea parties with her favorite teddy bear and toy bunny, or playing house with other kids, your child is assuming positions that aren't part of her daily life. Such play roles would encourage her to consider what it's like to be someone else and practice seeing things from their eyes, allowing her to gain empathy and compassion.

The right instruction from adults can also help your child cultivate the capacity for self-control, such as impulse control and delayed gratification. When your child is taught to play the role of "host of the tea party" and to divide the scones evenly among the guests, she learns to avoid the urge to keep all of the scones for herself.

You should help your child improve his or her language skills.

There are different types of pretend play toys for Kids. It includes making up stories and speaking to or on behalf of Mr. Cuddles the teddy bear and other imaginary friends. Your child is practicing vocabulary and phrases she hears at home or at school as she verbalizes her experiences. When your child's language skills grow, she will be able to verbalize more complicated stories and situations, which will lead to improved grammar and vocabulary and a positive feedback loop. You and your partner will help by setting a good example in your language and correcting and explaining grammar and vocabulary errors to your child.

You should help your child improve his or her imagination and critical thinking skills.

The different types pretend play toys often involves your child remembering and recreating scenarios from previous encounters. If it's a trip to the doctor or Mom cooking dinner for the family, your child will face dilemmas that will take some problem-solving skills and imagination as she role plays each scenario through a girls kitchen set. Although she does not always make the most sound choices, such as how to handle her teddy bear's injured foot or how to cook a fish, the process of thinking about and dilemma and coming up with a solution will become second nature to her, preparing her for real-life situations through the amazing girls kitchen set. You will help your child improve his or her thinking skills by posing appropriate questions and prompting new ideas.

You can have fun while still bonding with your kids.

Perhaps the most important reason to engage with your child is that it is a fun, bonding activity for both parent and child! While playing, your child will often say or do the most amusing things, and you can influence his or her growth by offering adequate guidance and teaching important life lessons at the appropriate times.


Build a prop box or simply a corner of the house filled with themed items and let your child's imagination take it from there to promote it all the way!

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