Easy and safe hacks for post pregnancy wardrobe clothing tips

For a first-time mother, postpartum shopping is a whole different world waiting to be explored. If it is done right, maternity shopping can be one of the ways to celebrate this new milestone of life. But it requires a few wardrobe tweaks which does mean that you must give up on style for your functionality. With good nutrition, exercise, and exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months, most of the mothers can return to their pre-pregnancy weight. A few things can make the postpartum period and breastfeeding more comfortable and easier. Things such as breastfeeding shirts, maternity bras, shawls to cover when feeding in public and a baby sling to carry the baby.

You can try floral prints, statement jewellery pieces, handbags and colourful scarves to add an element of fun to your wardrobe. Also do not forget to accentuate your favourite features, whether it’s your shoulders, cleavage or your calves. These things also help as a distraction from your post-baby bump.

Also, becoming a mother doesn't mean that you have to compromise with your individuality or personal sense of style. You must do you, with a few tweaks and adjustments which will also be beneficial for you and your baby. Here are some wardrobe essentials which will help you to build your new post-pregnancy wardrobe. It will also help you to sail through your breastfeeding journey effortlessly.

Curate your wardrobe
You can borrow from large retailers, smaller boutiques and vintage shops for an assortment of items. You can mix flowy dresses, leggings, formal pants and jumpsuits for all types of occasions. Avoid clothes that are tight and not made with natural fabrics.

Maternity bras
It is difficult to understand how much one’s breasts will change throughout the entire maternity. Because each woman’s body is unique and it changes differently. So, it is wise to invest in a bra with five or six rows of hooks and clasps to make room for the expansion of the breasts. You need to give priority to supportive straps and supportive back wing. Because bras with poor closure will roll off or shift often.

Nursing pads
Newly lactating mothers have to face a lot of problems related to constant leakage of milk. So, nursing pads are the best option to stop leakage and stay carefree about any leakage.

New moms can always count on slimming shapewear for a more streamline figure. Shapewears are great for an occasion where you want a quick tuck under your outfit. You can go for a shapewear that still allows you to conveniently breastfeed your baby.

Feel the fabrics
A new mom should ideally choose premium stretch fabric which will not restrict her body in anyway. Choose a fabric which will adjust with your evolving shape and size. Because you need a great support of the fabrics during pregnancy and while nursing.

Nursing covers
A new mom will obviously spend most of her time while feeding her baby. So, it is advisable to buy nursing bibs for a comfortable feeding process. These will give proper coverage and these will also help you to avoid spillage.